The Advantages & Benefits of Hosting FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup Football Tournaments

It’s no surprise that many countries place a bid to host a FIFA World Cup game as they can have a huge advantage to winning that big cup at the end. 2018 will be the 21st event held since the first event occurred in 1930 in Uruguay.

If you do the math, you’ll notice that it doesn’t quite work out to one game every four years. There were no World Cup events held between 1938 (when France hosted), to 1950, when Brazil hosted, due to WWII. One of the most interesting facts is that of the 20 games held in the past, a whopping 6 host countries have also won the World Cup prize.

Besides the potential for winning the big game, there are other benefits that a country can expect to experience when hosting the games.

Promotes FIFA’s Goals

FIFA not only wants its hosting countries to maximise every benefit it can, but it also also wants these countries to also bid and host other World Cup events in the future, and related games, such as the Confederation Cup. For instance, Russia will automatically have a spot for the Confederation Cup in 2021, which is played the year prior to the next World Cup 2022 games.

Having countries interested in hosting the games also helps with the continued global promotion of the game.

There are also social aspects for the hosting country. We know Russia needs a bit of help in that regard, particularly in its dealings with some of the other countries around the world. The World Cup allows countries to set aside their political differences for a year or so, so everyone can come together for one common goal.

Legacy Goals

There can be a legacy left behind for the all hosting countries in the World Cup. These are positive outcomes of hosting the event. While a better economy may be one aspect, there are many others.

Many countries have aging stadiums and sports arenas. For 2018, Russia has actually undertaken the huge task of refurbishing and renovating its Luzhniki Stadium, and Fishht Olympic Stadium, among others. The World Cup has given the country the impetus needed to refurbish older stadiums and buildings that perhaps the government had been balking on doing in the past, due to the extreme costs involved. The revenue brought in by the games can also help with costs.

Generates Participation in Sports

There will not only be an increased number of football development programmes in Russia as a result of the World Cup, but also in other participating countries. These programs can benefit everyone from school children to adults.

Sense of Community

There will be an increased sense of community between rival countries. The games will promote cooperation and goodwill between participating countries. This not only includes the member associations, but governments, FIFA, hosting cities, advertising partners, the media, and even citizens.

Promotes Civic Pride

Citizens and residents of the hosting country will feel proud to know that the big event is being held in their country, or even in their city. Everyone will try and participate in one way, even if they can’t make it to the games.

They’ll purchase branded merchandise, and show up for community events. They’ll place their bets on the best betting sites. People will also benefit from training and learning new skills. There will also be a vast number of jobs that will be need to be filled. People will feel doubly proud when they land one of these highly prestigious positions.

Partnerships with Businesses

Partnerships can be done with sponsors, advertisers, and the media. There will be a strong focus on commercial activity during the games in June. There will be a high potential for investment opportunities.

The Shortening of Social Barriers

The games aim to shorten any social barriers from women or youth in learning how to play football or when joining teams. While men and women still don’t play together in the games, they each have their own World Cup. The games use successful players as role models to help encourage everyone to participate in the games, and to also learn football. Football is also promoted as a healthy way for everyone to stay active.

Closing Thoughts on the Benefits for the Hosting Country

While Russia was certainly pleased they won the bid for the 2018 World Cup, with a fair advantage of winning, they’re also going to experience many more of the above benefits relating to economics, community, prestige, social, infrastructure, and wellness promotion.

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