Who are the Best Football World Cup Supporters?

Football World Cup Supporters

The World Cup is coming up fast and many people are actually planning their parties now. Many bars, pubs, and restaurants are creating special events and menus for those who don’t want to celebrate at home alone. There are even fans in specific countries who take their World Cup partying seriously.

In order to figure out just who the best football World Cup supporters are, we must find out how fans celebrated at past World Cup events.

How Does Brazil Celebrate?

Brazil takes its football seriously. Fans will dress up in their team’s colours, right down to hat, shirt, and face paint. It’s not uncommon to perform a little samba when cheering on their favourite team. During the times that they have actually won the tournament, the partying has lasted for days and days. It wouldn’t even be unusual to take a day or two off work to enjoy a game, or recover from that party.

Holland’s Fans

In 2010, Holland’s fans wore orange, in celebration of the Oranje team. Not only did they wear shirts and pants that were orange, but hats too. Crowds gathered outdoors to watch the games on big screens, in Amsterdam Museum Square. They even wore one colour of shirt, making it a spectacular display from above. Orange was the perfect colour choice, making everyone stand out in online photographs. There were over 100,000 gathering together. Sadly, they watched the Dutch team lose the game to Spain. The screen set up was on one of Europe’s biggest screens. But did they trash their city? Nope! Instead, they welcomed their home team back.

Italian Fans of Football

While Italy isn’t playing this year, it will be curious to see just who they do support for 2018. The team is commonly called the Azzuri. Fans are a committed group, and believe in dramatic and colourful costumes that actually reflect fire and fireworks. In 2006, fans actually dressed as Roman gladiators, but in the team colours, complete with armour and headpieces. During that game, over 200,000 Italians watched as Italy won the World Cup at the Circus Maximus in Rome. They certainly won the award for the most historic venue too. After Italy won the finals, the gladiators marched through the city, along with many car horns honking in support. They danced in the streets, with a huge crowd at the Eternal City’s fountains.

Fans of South Africa

Who isn’t familiar with the vuvuzela, a long plastic horn that delivers loud and high-pitched sounds that can be heard all over the arena? There has been some controversy over this horn, so newer models are designed to be much safer for use by fans. Fans also wear tribal-oriented costumes that sport their team’s colours. They wear special miner’s helmets called makarapas, and wear large oversized glasses with World Cup team logos on them.

German Football Fans

Fans came out in droves to celebrate the 2006 World Cup that was held in Germany and Poland. There were several outdoor zones set up for the enjoyment of fans who couldn’t obtain tickets to the stadium. At Berlin, there was a huge crowd that stretched for kilometres from Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column. Inside the stadium, fans waved gigantic flags in the colours of black, red, and yellow.

South Korean Fans

In 2002 it may have been a surprise how South Korea and Japan both got to cohost the games. The fans of both countries got into the spirit and wore their team’s favourite colours. Face painting was also just as popular as in the UK. Fans held special banners that were made for each country’s football team. These could be held horizontally, or waved in the air. After South Korea made it to the finals, supporters took to the streets waving their flags in support. Over 4.27 million people in South Korea came out to watch Italy be defeated.

It can be a tough choice to decide who are the best World Cup fans. We know it’s not the USA, because they didn’t sell out in 1994, though they do have a bid in for World Cup 2022.

Perhaps the best football supporters are those in your own country. Every four years, the World Cup becomes more popular. The spirit of camaraderie, community, and fun times with friends is catching on. If you haven’t seen your country on this list, it’s time to outdo the others and plan your June and July events now.

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