Best Novelty Bets and Where to Bet

Novelty Bets

Gambling has had a major influence on many aspects of life in the modern-day life, and online gambling has made that influence even stronger as it is easier to place bets on just about anything. Speaking on placing wagers on just about anything, there is one form of online betting that is becoming more and more popular as it enables you to bet on a wide range of wagers from the colour of the Queen’s hat, to who will win an Oscar. These are novelty bets and for many of the online betting sites, they are big business.

Here are Our Top Novelty Betting Sites for 2018

Paddy Power
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William Hill
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  • Top prices
  • Vast selection of markets
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Betfair – Novelty Bets
  • Better prices than most UK bookies
  • Largest Betting Exchange
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  • Mobile Live Streaming
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Here are Our Top Novelty Bets

Snow at Christmas-A popular holiday season novelty bet, placing wagers on whether or not there will be snow in London on Christmas Day gives online gamblers a chance to win big based on the weather.

Number One Song- Another popular novelty bet both in the UK and the US, betting on what will be the number one pop song on a particular week provides plenty of action as there are many opportunities to choose the right novelty bet.

X Factor Winner – If you are a fan of the X Factor, then you already have an idea of who is going to win, who will go home first and who will come in second. Take your hunches and place a bet to win big!

Britain’s Got Talent Winner – The UK’s Britain’s Got Talent show is one of the funniest shows you can watch on television during the audition rounds. When the action heats up during regular season play, betting is on and many fans place their bets on the weekly rounds.

Election Specials –Elections are held all over the world throughout the year and you will find that you can place a bet on any up and coming scheduled election and pick the political party that you think will win any election.

Royal Betting Opportunities – From the next Royal to marry or even divorce,to which member of the Royal Family will have a baby, the sex of the unborn child and the name which will be given to the Royal Baby, there are many bets that can be placed on the Royal family that could help you win big money.Click here for more novelty bets.

If you are not playing our top Novelty betting sites, you should get in on the action today. Placing novelty bets is fun and action packed and you could win big if you choose the right outcome.

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