Best Online Casino Payment Methods

Casino Payment Methods

Casino Payment Methods

When you play your favourite casino games you want to know that your payment information and your online accounts are kept secure. Not only will this encourage you to play more often, but you’ll feel confident in knowing that there will be no surprise charges from one of your casino payment methods.

In the past, credit cards or cheques were sent to online casino sites. Obviously, credit cards were the casino payment methods of choice as cheques must clear first. If you ran out of funds, then you’d have to wait and send in another cheque. That was a long and sluggish process, and most online casinos don’t even accept cheques anymore.

When you’re interested in playing one of the online casinos, they usually offer currency payment in the player’s country. For instance, someone playing from London, England, would pay in Pound Sterling (£).

Let’s examine some of the best online casino payment methods. If you don’t have a credit card, or don’t like Paypal, there are options out there.

Credit Cards

If you’re choosing a casino site based in the UK—a better idea if you’re concerned about online trust and safety—then there are many credit cards accepted. These can include cards that work on the LINK network, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, BC Card, and ChinaUnionPay.

One benefit to using credit cards is that if there is any suspicious activity, your credit card company will call to notify you that there’s a problem. If the charge is in fact legitimate, you can notify the card and they’ll lift any hold. But if there is suspicious activity, it will be reversed.

Some cards also insure you up to a certain point. While you may be on the hook for a small amount if it’s been determined it was your fault, for the most part, you’ll have protection for any unauthorized purchases.


Paypal is perhaps one of the biggest online payment platforms in the world. Many people may wonder why you should use Paypal when you’re using credit cards anyway. The reason is because Paypal protects your credit card information. All you have to do is enter your Paypal email address on the casino site, and authorise it for a specific payment. This protects your valuable credit card information. One of our favourite online casino is Cashmio Casino who accept Paypal.

However, you don’t need to back up your account with a credit card. You can simply link your bank account too. Usually you’ll need one or the other to set up your Paypal account, as they want to know that you’re a real person. You can transfer money to and from your bank account through Paypal. You may also attach a debit card to Paypal.

If you sell online, you can accept payment in Paypal, and then use your Paypal funds to pay for your online casino purchases.


Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. Today, many online casinos are accepting Bitcoin in payment. They may also accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Dash or Etherium.

In order to get started with Bitcoin, you need an app or a wallet to get started. Many sites have minimal cash outlays to get started and are suitable for the beginner.

As of 2015, there were over 100,000 online merchants that accepted Bitcoin as a payment method, and that amount will continue growing. It’s no surprise that the online casinos are also starting to accept this payment method that continues to grow in value.

It’s important to work with reputable companies when getting set up with Bitcoin, as there are scammers out there that promise returns in seconds, but all you have to do is send them Coin. Stay safe and work with only the best.

Some online casinos in the UK that accept Bitcoin now are 888 Casino, bet365, Sky Casino, Betway Casino, and Virgin Games.


Payoneer works for most major countries and is similar to Paypal. They provide online money transfer and digital payment services that work with your personal bank account. Other people who have Payoneer accounts may also send and receive funds into their bank accounts.

Even though the name may not be familiar, they’ve been around since 2005 and are growing. In June 2017, they opened an office in London, which should increase your confidence in trying this payment method, particularly if you’re tired of Paypal.

These are some of the best online casino payment methods that most accept. You may also wish to examine other benefits of using certain payment systems, such as insurance, points programs, and general security.

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