Best Places to Watch eSports in UK

eSports in UK

With eSports continuing to grow in popularity and its fanbase increasing with every new event, sponsors and advertisers have been pushing for new ways for eSports events to be viewed throughout the UK. From television and internet, to live arena events or your local sports venue where you can enjoy a beer you’re your friends while watching the action on the big screen, eSports fans have a wide range of choices when it comes to how they watch their favourite teams.

If you are an eSports fan, you might already have your favourite way of watching games but we are going to show you some more ways to watch the eSports action without missing a second of it.

Where to watch eSports in the UK:


Twitch is the definitive eSports viewing platform, and it streams everything from an individual trying their first MOBA up to the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series.With more than ten million daily active users, one of the primary factors for Twitch’s success is its focus on fostering community through chat.

Dingit, the UK-based premium highlights platform, offers eSports fans selected match highlights and uses the expertise of its community to pick out moments worth watching.


YouTube is fast becoming an eSports distribution platform with many big-name channels already available.

Watch eSports on TV


BBC Three has entered a partnership with London-based Gfinity to broadcast its Elite Series every Friday.

BT Sports

Gfinity has signed a deal with BT Sport to broadcast the Elite Series which marks their latest move to support and engage with the “passionate and extensive gaming community in the UK.”

eSports Events in the UK

Gfinity Arena

Gfinity Arena in South West London is the first dedicated eSports arena in the country.Launched in 2015, the arena seats 600 fans, and holds the Elite League, which features Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

SSE Arena Wembley

The SSE Arena Wembley offers the chance to see international teams like Cloud9 compete in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League every summer.

Meltdown and Others

Pubs such as Loading Bar in Dalston, East London, occasionally host smaller eSports tournaments of their own and dedicated eSports bar Meltdown, which has locations in North London, Sheffield also hosts tournaments of its own. Most of Meltdown’s appeal comes from its community coming together to watch the biggest eSports matches together.

If you are not watching eSports on the television, live at an arena or online with a streaming service, you should get in on the action today. eSports is continuing to grow in popularity and has many fans interested in placing bets on their favourite teams to win big at their next major eSports event.

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