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We have all dreamed about hitting it big on the slots. We sit down, feed the machine our money and take that first pull. The lights flicker, the machine starts to spin and miraculously enough, the tiles all fall in line. All three symbols match, the lights flash, the machine makes all manner of sound and you realise that you have hit the jackpot! Money comes pouring out, your bank account grows larger and you become rich. That is the dream that many of us have had, and only few have made come to life.
Get Rich Quick Playing Slot Machines

Whether you play the slots in Vegas or some other casino, or you play them online from the comfort of your own mobile, hitting the jackpot can be exciting. Even if we only win $100 or so, the thrill is worth it. But what it you won millions on that single pull? What if you won the biggest jackpot ever on a slot machine? That very thing has happened to some very fortunate people and here at Offersville, we are going to share with you some of these incredible jackpots that have made them very, very rich. Here is our list of the biggest ever slot jackpots including how much they won, when they won it and where:

Biggest Ever

Jackpot amount: $39,710,826.36

When: March 21, 2003

Where: Excalibur

A Close Second

Jackpot amount: $34,959,458.56

When: Jan. 26, 2000

Where: Desert Inn

Still a Lot of Money

Jackpot amount: $27,580,879.60

When: Nov. 15, 1998

Where: Palace Station

Nothing to Sneeze At

Jackpot amount: $22,621,229.74

When: May 27, 2002

Where: Bally’s

This is a Lot of Money!

Jackpot amount: $21,346,952.22

When: June 1, 1999

Where: Caesars Palace

An Unexpected Win at the Cannery

Jackpot amount: $21,147,947

When: Sept. 15, 2005

Where: Cannery Casino Hotel

All From a Penny

Jackpot amount: $17,329,817.80

When: Dec. 14, 2012

Where: M Resort

What Would You Do with $14 Million?

Jackpot amount: $14,282,544.21

When: Nov. 30, 2014

Where: Rampart Casino

Nothing to Sneeze At

Jackpot amount: $12,769,933

When: Jan. 21, 2011

Where: Aria

New York, New York Paid Big Time!

Jackpot amount: $12,510,549.90

When: April 14, 1997

Where: New York-New York

What was your biggest slot machine payout? Was it online or in the casino? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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