What Are the Biggest Winning and Losing Football Bets in the Last 10 years in the World Cup Online?

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The World Cup may have been played in the real world since 1930, but its online games are becoming more popular too. One great thing about betting football bets online is that there is a clear understanding of the winner, unlike a casino game where the “odds” seem 100% in favour of the house. At least with World Cup online, you have excellent odds for winning. *GPWA Verification*

The World Cup is considered one of the biggest gambling events in history. The last time the World Cup was held, in 2014, billions of dollars were wagered on the games, with the biggest wins being offered on the final games.

Fans may be curious to learn what has been the biggest football bet placed in the last 10 years in World Cup Online? In contrast, what has been the biggest loser?

Evening Out the Odds

Many people who do online betting like to try out a few different websites, and spread out the odds a bit. Some people like to make 30 to 40 different wagers to add to that element of fun. On average, serious betters like to spend a total of £1,000 when placing their bets. People who bet this way may place their bets on more than one country.

FIFA Encourages Betting

Many sports leagues in the USA frown upon gambling and contests, and internationally, the Olympics committee. But FIFA, the government body for the World Cup, doesn’t seem to mind if people do some FIFA Cup betting too. They have even partnered with several outside firms to track betting patterns. This has been to done to ensure that there has been no rigging done, whether on the field, with players, coaches, or anything else that could potentially go wrong. There have been accusations that other professional football games in Europe have been rigged. In fact, in 2004, a referee was actually sent to prison for accepting money to fix the games.

Fortunately, the World Cup seems immune to such hijinks, even though Andres Escobar was killed in 1994 by drug lords who suffered gambling losses.

Some bookies have even been invited to set up shop at the arenas where the games have been played, for example, South Africa.

FIFA does have strict regulations in place though, that do bar the players, officials, and players’ agents from betting.

Popular Betting Venues

You can place your bets in person at the World Cup games, if allowed, or you can place them with a trusted local bookie, or online. There are also online sites where you can not only watch the game, but place your bets. Las Vegas is another location that offers legal sports betting, and the World Cup is a hot commodity, though it hasn’t exceed the popularity of the NCAA or the Super Bowl yet.

The Saddest Losing World Cup Football Bets

In the summer of 2010, an anonymous person placed the biggest bet in the history of the World Cup. They put up £417,000 on Germany beating Spain in the semi-finals, with the odds at 10/11. He must have enjoyed the first half of the game, as it stayed scoreless. But then Spain got a goal at the 73rd minute, so that meant no late penalty. If he’d bet the other way, he would have won £800,000.

The Biggest Winning World Cup Better Ever

In the World Cup finals, 2014, a punter or bettor, won a big bet. They earned £83,000 in cash for choosing Germany to beat Argentina, as well as predicting the last four games that led up to the finals. He placed a £100 wager that turned lucrative. The win occurred at the 114th minute when Germany won their fourth World Cup to Date. This was done through an online gambling portal called Sky Bet.

Check Trust, Odds & Payouts Before Making Your Choice

If you’re interested in trying online betting for the June to July 2018 World Cup Semi-Finals and Finals, do your research first. Always choose a trustworthy betting site that has been in business for several years, and has a record of paying out. You may also consider the odds and your potential payout. Remember to only gamble money that you can afford to give away for fun, and never what you don’t have. The World Cup is ahead and it’s going to offer additional fun and excitement when you can place your bets online!

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