Blackjack Insurance – Should You Take It?

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5/5 - (2 votes)

At Offersville we have plenty of online blackjack offers for our readers. If you’re ready to take on one of these you might want to ask yourself how much you know about the rules and strategy of the game.

It depends on your point of view and some people will always answer ‘no’ to this question, though some are convinced that you should always take insurance.

Firslty, let’s answer the question of ‘what is Blackjack insurance’? It is made available when your first 2 cards have been dealt (face up as always) and the dealers 2 cards have also been dealt, with one of his face up. When his card is an Ace, then you are offered insurance.

How much insurance will cost depends on your original stake. In most cases your insurance can be anything up to half your original bet. In some cases it MUST be half your original bet.

The circumstances under which you win an insurance bet are these: if the dealers second card is a picture card, giving him a Blackjack hand. Any other card, and you lose the bet. Insurance pays out at 2:1.

What are the scenarios after insurance?

1. Neither you nor dealer has blackjack and dealer wins.

2. Neither you nor dealer has blackjack and you win.

3. Neither you nor dealer has blackjack and hand is tied (push).

4. Both have Blackjacks.

5. You have Blackjack, dealer doesn’t.

Under these situations you only lose twice. But that doesn’t mean insurance is a good bet. You must see the insurance bet as independent of the initial stake as it doesn’t affect what happens to that. So, there are basically 2 outcomes to bear in mind and those are, you win, or you lose!

Winning happens when the dealer has Blackjack – chances are 30%. Now, insurance bets happen roughly 30% of the time, and as we can see, you will lose insurance approximately 70% of the time.

Played over 100 bet of £50 each the following happens:

Total Stake – £5,000 (100x £50)

Total Win – £100 (2:1) 30 times.

Total Loss – £50 x 70.

Total Winnings – £3,000.

Total Losses: £3,500.

Net Loss: £500.

So there you have it, in a nutshell. Of course, these are averaged hands over a 100 hand cycle, and the outcomes will always be different, so make your own mind up on this tricky subject. But remember, always gamble carefully. And good luck!

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