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The 2018 FIFA World Cup starts in June. Are you ready for it? You may be one of the lucky employees who will have TVs set up in your workplace so you can keep an eye on all the games. If not, you’ll have to record the games and watch them at your leisure. Or, perhaps you can head to the local pub and watch them live from there.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is a tournament that’s only held once every four years. It brings together the finest footballers in the world. There are separate teams for men and women.

Some people may even book time off work so they can better enjoy the games without distractions. The World Cup football games only happen once every four years, so you’ll want to plan your personal and work schedules carefully so you don’t miss out.

Here’s a quick guide to help you prepare for the impending matches.

Why Should I Watch World Cup 2018?

There are 32 different nations who’ll be competing in the games. These will include some of your favourite footballers and many professionals who are extremely talented. And even though some players may be highly skilled, such as Lionel Messi in Argentina, he has not seen his country win a World Cup in his lifetime.

The games will be watched by over 3 billion people in the world today. That’s almost half of the entire world. That’s the same amount who watched the last round of Olympics!

Significant FIFA Details

The first match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup games starts on Thursday, June 14th. The last game, or final, will be played on Sunday, July 15th.

The first match is between hosting country, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. This stadium has been undergoing extensive interior reconstruction, so don’t expect that Russia will have any advantage in the first game. The playing field will be just as new to them as to Saudi Arabia.

The first match has a 6 pm start time in Russia. If you’re in the UK, the time will be 4 pm. If you’re in New York, start time will be 11 am. As you can see, viewers in Europe and Russia are going to benefit most from the times as they can put in a good day of work, then enjoy the rest of the day at the pub watching the game.

Opening Day Match

There is only one game that takes place on the opening day, Thursday, June 14th. The games really take off the following day, on Friday, June 15th. There are three matches held on this day, including a game between Spain and Portugal, which is quite ironic due to their proximity to each other.

When to Watch in Your Time Zone

Americans can watch the first match at 5 am in Honolulu, 8 am in Las Vegas and LA, 9 am in Denver, 10 am in Chicago, and 11 am in New York on Thursday. In Australia, time is ahead, so they can tune in at 1 am on early Friday morning. Fans in Tokyo can tune in on Friday at 12 am, people in Paris can watch at 5 pm Thursday, and in the UK at 4 pm. If you have tickets to live events in Russia, the games start at 6 pm Moscow time.

Where Can I Watch FIFA World Cup?

Many people should start figuring out how they’re going to watch the games now. The last thing you want is to have your buddies show up at your home at 4 pm and you’re not ready!

In the UK, World Cup matches will be shown on BBC and ITV. Note that the first match will be shown on ITV, while BBC will take up broadcasting of the rest of the games later. In the USA, fans can tune into Fox, Fox Sports 1, or fuboTV. Spanish speakers can tune into Telemundo and NBC Universo.

You may also wish to check at your local pub or bar to see what times they’ll be showing the games. Ensure that they’ll not only be showing the entire match you’re interested in, but that the audio will be turned up loud. This is important so that you don’t miss out on anything due to misunderstandings.

The World Cup is coming in only a few short weeks. Plan ahead so that you can fit all your favourite contenders into your schedule!

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