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Are you trying to figure out who’s going to win the World Cup this year, or at least narrow it down to the last two finalists? It can be fun calculating the odds to see who might win this year. There are 32 teams, but only one winner. Let’s see if we can narrow down the odds for winning to help you place bets, or just to have a bit of extra fun.

8 Groups of 4

Winning countries were drawn from a pot. There were 8 rounds, each with four draws, to add up to 32 participants in Russia’s World Cup 2018 games.

Teams with the Best Odds

Brazil and Germany both have the teams that are not other highly talented, but are also highly favourited as winning the World Cup in Russia 2018. This is because Brazil has won the cup five times in the history of the games. No other country has achieved that, but Germany comes close, with four winning World Cup titles in the past. Both teams just happen to be playing in Russia this year too.

Perhaps they’ll both be standing off against each other in the final game. They both have about equal odds for winning at the moment. It’s believed that both will win their early matches, and make it into the final round of 16 quite easily.

Germany hasn’t made it lower than third place in the World Cup since 2002. As for Brazil, in 2014 they finished in fourth spot. The last time they won the World Cup was in 2002 when they beat Germany.

Over eighteen qualifying games, Brazil was able to score an impressive 41 goals. Germany won ten qualifying games in a row and had a record 43 goals. These are two teams that are definitely worth to watching.

What About France and Spain?

France and Spain have to be the next two best teams. Out of the entire World Cup history, only eight countries have ever won the title, including France and Spain. France earned their cup in 1998, while Spain won the cup in 2010. Both teams also have some great talent.

But it should be noted that Laurent Koscieln, playing for France, is out. He’s sprained his ankle in the stupidest of accidents and apparently it won’t be healed up in type for Russia next month.

Besides him, there is a ton of talent on both teams. Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial from Manchester United will be playing for France. It’s Pogba’s second time playing the World Cup, also for France, back in 2014.

Martial is only 22-years-old and is one of the youngest stars on the French team. Assuming that he’s going to be chosen for the team this year, it will be his World Cup debut. He did play on the 2016 Euro squad for France. Playing for Manchester United this year, he’s scored nine goals for them for this year alone. Perhaps France’s young stars will help propel the team to the lead in World Cup 2018.

Spain is expected to win their group matches, including against their first match against Portugal. It’s believed they should be able to reach the final round of sixteen.

Spain is captained by Sergio Ramos, a Real Madrid defender. This is actually his third World Cup. He first played 2010 when Spain won. Spain is going to be leaning heavily on him this year.

Other Countries Worth Watching

Argentina, Belgium, England, and Portugal all have good odds for reaching the final round too.

In Argentina, this will likely be Lionel Messi’s last chance to win a World Cup, as he’s approaching the age of retirement. In 2014, they lost to Germany in the final.

Playing for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is their best player. But he’s also getting older and may not playing in four years. Portugal did have a European Championship in 2016 so many fans have confidence in this team for 2018.

Belgium and England are in Group G. We’ll see who can escape this group and continue on.

Who Are You Placing Your Odds On for World Cup 2018?

It’s going to be a tough call deciding which two teams are actually going to make it to the finals. Print out a list of the 32 contenders and their groups and matches, and check off your predictions. Then as you watch the games, check off your correct predictions and see if you can adjust from there so you can predict the big winner!

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