Guide to Drone Racing Betting

Drone Racing Betting
OV Drone Racing – A Guide

Here at Offersville we like to keep up with all the latest trends in online gambling. The sport of Drone Racing is one of the newest betting markets to arrive in the UK, and is now offered by Pinnacle and Betfair online sportsbooks.

But what is Drone Racing? And how can you bet on the sport? Here is are quick guide to the hottest new sport on the planet and to Drone Racing Betting!

What Is Drone Racing?

The sport of Drone Racing involves competitors controlling drones (radio controlled aircraft) over a course with the aim of completing it in the quickest time. The ‘drivers’ wear head-mounted displays into which an FPV or First Person View is transmitted from a camera mounted to the front of the drone.

Drone Racing is a new sport that is evolving at pace, harnessing the newest technologies whose evolution is being driven by the competitors, always seeking ever-faster and more agile quadcopters.

How Big is Drone Racing?

Whilst Drone Racing is a relatively new sport it has already achieved a big following and some serious backing from big corporations. Many of those involved in the sport see 2017-18 as a tipping point in its development.

The Drone Racing League (DRL), which launched in 2015, and is broadcast on ESPN, claims its audience for 2016 was 30 million. They fully expect figures for the new season of Drone Racing, which kicked off in June 2017, to surpass this level. More than 75 countries will be broadcasting events.

In this year’s round of investment the Drone Racing League secured $20 million, with contributions from Sky, Allianz, Liberty Media and Lux Capital.

Where Can I Watch Drone Racing?

The DRL sets its stall out as the only global professional drone racing organisation. This year it will host events in destinations from Miami, New Orleans and Boston to London and Munich. You can watch the events live – check The Drone Racing League website for details, or watch on global sports channel, ESPN.

The Drone Racing League

Where Can I Bet on Drone Racing?

In the UK there are currently two sportsbooks who offer bets on Drone Racing. They are Pinnacle, and Betfair. Both are renowned for breaking new ground and offering bets on relatively new sports.

What Prize Money Can Be Won In Drone Racing?

Dubai’s World Drone Prix in 2016 was the biggest Drone Racing Event yet. $1 million in prize money was up for grabs, and the top prize of $250,000 was scooped by a teenager, 15 year old Luke Bannister, from the UK.

This year’s DRL Allianz World Championship has a top prize of $100,00 for the winner.

Keep an eye on the Offersville new pages for the latest Drone Racing events and the latest Drone Racing Betting odds from Pinnacle and Betfair. You can read a full review of Betfair Sports and Pinnacle Sports for more information about these online betting sites.

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