EA FIFA Betting UK

EA FIFA Betting UK

Betting on EA FIFA is a relatively new area of the eSports market. But it is growing fast, with 1000s of players competing in online tournaments to climb leaderboards and top soccer clubs in the UK and Europe forming their own eSports teams to get in on the action! You can bet on the FIFA matches at a few of the UK’s big sportsbooks.

We have selected the best EA FIFA betting sites for you. Pick up a great sign up offer when you join one of these licensed UK eSports sites today.

Bet on EA FIFA Games

Choose from the best EA FIFA betting offers available at UK betting sites. We have found the UK's best eSports betting sites for you. Bet here on the outcome of EA FIFA matches worldwide!

eSports is one of the fastest growing phenomenon's in online betting, and you can be a part of it by signing up to one of these sites today.

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EA FIFA Betting Sites

For the best FIFA betting then you must try the UK’s best eSports sites. Not all sportsbooks in the UK will offer a chance to bet on FIFA games. You should always make sure when you do decide to place a bet that the sportsbook you are playing at is UK licesnsed (by the UK Gambling Commission). In recent years the online sportsbook operators have recognised a growing interest in betting on FIFA and have offered FIFA markets to cater for this new taste.

A good eSports site won’t just offer bets on FIFA either. There are plenty of other games to get involved in, like DOTA 2, League of Legends and classic shooter game, Counter Strike.

At Offersville we provide comprehensive reviews of our sportsbook partners to help you choose and so that you can see the most important features they offer. This includes things like cashier options, recent promotions, customers services and much more.

Our recommended sites are: Betway, GGBet, Bespawn and 888 Sport.

How To Bet on EA FIFA

Betting on FIFA games in eSports is much like betting on any football match in real life. The FIFA game has evolved so much now that is much closer to a proper Premier League football game than it used to be, and as exciting to watch. Of course, when gambling on eSports you should always bet responsibly and think about how much you can afford.

If you decide to take your FIFA betting seriously, then you should consider these points:

– Look at the Form of the player in each team – FIFA is a very sophisticated game set-up and players form comes and goes. If you want to place a bet, make sure the team you bet on has players who are in form.

Match History – can you see if the two teams have come up against each other before. And if so, what was the result?

Style of Play – do the teams have a particular style of play, and if so, how is that likely to affect the result.

Most Recent 2 to 3 games – another aspect of form and history – the most recent games played can tell you a lot about what might happen. Have their been any injuries or serious dips in form?

Strengths and Weaknesses – of each player involved in the game.

Just like ordinary real-life betting, your success as a FIFA punter will be decided by how much information you have at your disposal to help make the right decision on what to bet on and how much to bet. So always make sure you read up on the teams before the games.

What is EA FIFA?

EA Sports is a division of Electronic Arts a company that designs and publishes sports video games. Part of what makes the game so good is the licensing deals that underpin it and allow EA to use League, team and player names from across the globe. The latest version of the game, released in September 2017, features Christiano Ronaldo on the front cover.

Where Can I Watch EA FIFA?

There are lots of ways to watch EA FIFA online once you have placed your bet at one of our chosen EA FIFA betting sites. The best places are sites like Twitch which have huge followings and always stream the bets live eSports matches.

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