All About England in the 2018 World Cup

FIFA World Cup Football Tournaments

England is one of the countries that has been chosen to play at the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Championships. This year the games will be played from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This year England doesn’t have to worry about their strong contender, Italy, as they’re not in the running, but there are many other world-class teams from Russia, Spain, France, and Belgium who will be participating in this year’s games.

If your bets are on England winning, here is a short guide to the upcoming games.

Who’s England’s World Cup Coach?

The current coach is Gareth Southgate. Many people may feel a bit unsteady, as he’s new to national team coaching. He took over from Sam Allerdye after he was fired due to field issues.

While it’s fantastic that Southgate helped England to qualify for the World Cup—not that there would be any doubt that England would —but he lacks experience on an international level so many people are a bit nervous at their trip to Russia.

It’s expected that he won’t be doing many changes, and he’ll be sticking with a familiar traditional system.

What’s a Possible Starting Line?

Harry Kane is going to be up top, and has earned his spot as a first choice striker. He’s going to lead the forward lineup for FIFA 2018.

Delle Ali will be in spot ten, with Raheem Sterling and Rashford playing on each wing. Henderson and Eric Dier will start on the midfield, and Kyla Walker and Danny Ross at the full back. Danny Ross may play full defense with Joe Hart defending the goal. Garry Cahill or Phil Jones may join Stone.

Who Is Harry Kane?

Harry Kane has performed well over the past two years. He even scores goals when the game has already been won and they’re not necessary. He’s considered the top centre forward in any team in the world today. We’ll have to see if he can still perform well at the World Cup.

New Players of Note

There may be three new players to check out during the games if they’re added to the World Cup 2018 lineup. Marcus Rashford, DelleAlli, and Harry Winks are all new. Harry Winks has regularly playing for the Spurs team. Hopefully he’ll be given a chance on the national team. There’s no doubt about Marcus Rashford, who is already an established Manchester United player. He and Harry Kane click together. If these players can keep it up, they may have a good chance at the Cup.

What’s the Club Roundup?

There are several clubs represented in the lineup to give a fair chance for all our favourite players to be seen on the field for World Cup 2018. You can expect to see players from Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal, as well as West Ham, Stoke City, Everton, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Leicester City.

What’s the Event Schedule Like?

There are three notable games for England to start. They’ll be playing Tunisia on June 18th, Panama on June 24, and Belgium on June 28. Most fans aren’t worried about Panama or Tunisia. It’s Belgium that’s going to give them a good and fair game. However, Belgium has a way of mis-performing for the big championships. Let’s hope that England can push their competitors to the side and head to the next round.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018?

Watching it at home may be fun, but it’s far better to watch it at your local club. Do check the times and games that will be televised, just so you don’t miss out. Many England fans are also going to be holding parties at home and inviting their friends over.

According to FIFA, this year will be the most extensive coverage for a World Cup game ever. There has been $1.85 billion committed to broadcasting deals for the 2018 and the 2022 World Cups around the world. The games can be watched on over 190 networks from around the world, so even if you don’t live in the UK but are still routing for England, you’ll have ample chance to watch the games.

The schedule for the 2018 World Cup has already been set in place. Check it out and mark your calendars for these special days. You may even want to head to your local pub so you can enjoy the game with your friends, and cheer on your favourite team—England of course!

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