eSports Betting Odds Explained

At Offersville we feature a number of eSports bookmakers. These are sites that take bets on events like Counter Strike and League of Legends matches, as well as EA FIFA 2018. If you’re new to eSports and want to place a bet, then you should first learn how eSports betting odds work.

The principles for eSports are the same as bets on any other sports. Usually there are two teams involved in the event, and your winnings depend on the odds and the amount you bet.

eSports Betting Odds Formats

There are two formats for betting odds. In the UK the traditional format is fractional, like 4/1 (4 to 1). This basically means that if you place £10 on at these odds you will receive £40 back (4x your stake) plus your original bet of £10.

In fractional odds, the numbers reflect the chances of winning the match. So, a 4/1 odds reflects a 20% chance of that outcome – if the team at 4/1 were to play four matches against the opposition then they would be likely to win one match.

Whilst some odds are still expressed as fractions, it is becoming more commonplace now for odds to be expressed as decimals, particularly when playing online.

Decimal odds are easy to understand – you just multiply your bet by the number. So, if odds are 1.5, then your return for a £10 bet would be £10x 1.5 = £15. NOTE: in this instance that return is the full amount you would get back (including your original stake).

In simple terms, when looking at decimal odds, when the number is higher, the chances of that team winning are lower, and vice versa.

These are the different types of bet you can place on eSports events:

Outright Bets on eSports

An Outright bet is placed on a whole competition rather than an individual event within a competition. So, for example, the International DOTA 2 is a tournament with many teams competing. An Outright bet on the tournament would be who is going to win overall. The odds may be better for this than for an individual match, but there are more possible outcomes because of a wider field.

Handicap Bets on eSports

Handicap is a common term in horse racing. In eSports it is a way of levelling the field by giving an advantage to a team seen as less likely to win, and a disadvantage to a team more likely to win. The advantage would be to give a team in a DOTA 2 match a head start of 1 game for example. This would tip the odds more towards themselves.

Multiple Bets on eSports

Multiple bets on eSports are what is more commonly known as an accumulator in other sports. Basically, here the punter is placing their bet on multiple outcomes over a series of games or matches. So, all the outcomes must come in as specified for the bet to pay out. The odds are the multiple odds of all the bets together. Accumulator or multiple bets can lead to big payouts.

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