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If you love lotteries then you owe it to yourself to play Euromillions, one of the best lotteries in the world. And that's not just our opinion either, but rather that of millions of people from all across the continent of Europe who play Euromillions religiously twice a week (not to mention many from elsewhere who play Euromillions online!). Draws take place each Tuesday and Friday night at approximately 7:45pm GMT for jackpots which can grow as high as €190 million! Of course the jackpot is just one of a total of thirteen prize tiers available. The number thirteen may be unlucky to some, but not for Euromillions players, who have an overall one in 13 chance of winning a prize!

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How To Play Euromillions

It’s easy to play euromillions casino, simply pick five regular numbers from a range of one to 50 and then two so-called “Lucky Star” numbers from a range of one to 12. Best of all there are now plenty of exciting ways to play Euromillions online. All that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the results – you don’t even need to check the numbers as the system does that for you!

To win the jackpot you need to match five regular numbers plus two Lucky Star numbers. The odds of doing so are fairly high, but then so are the rewards. What truly makes Euromillions one of the world’s great lotteries, though, is the middle tiers, from tiers two to five, that’s where the magic happens. With great odds countless players are made into instant millionaires week on week, while others enjoy massive windfalls up to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Prize tiers six and seven, meanwhile, pay out nice sweet little prizes measured in the hundreds or even thousands, once again at fairly decent odds. And the best part is this: overall you have a one in thirteen chance of winning a prize with Euromillions, making it not just a fantastic lottery – those odds beat out many other games of chance too! So, if you’re sick and tired of shelling out every week and not winning anything, whether it’s on lotteries, or any other type of betting, then maybe it’s time to started to play Euromillions. You’ll soon learn why it’s the most popular lottery in Europe!

The Euromillions lottery was actually based upon the giant stateside lotteries such as US Powerball and US Megamillions. The format, picking from a series of both regular and special numbers not only meant that players had lots of different ways of winning, it also allowed for particularly large jackpots. So, back in 2004, the national lotteries of Britain, France and Spain, got together to devise a special European lottery based on those superlotteries from the United States. Although Euromillions was the first such lottery, it’s not the only such lottery in Europe.

A rival lottery, Eurojackpot, primarily focussed on players in Germany and Scandanavia, follows a similar format, but with maximum jackpots of €90 million, compared with Euromillions’ maximum jackpot of €190 million. So, although Euromillions is no longer the only such game in town, it’s still by far the biggest and most popular.

These especially large jackpots are rare, but regular enough from year to year, when the organisers arrange special Superdraw events. When these Superdraws are held the current jackpot is scrapped and a new high starting jackpot, usually around €100 million, is created.

In 2011, Scots Colin and Chris Weir became Britain’s biggest ever EuroMillions winners (by Sterling value), winning €185 million. As a result the organisers decided to up the maximum winnable amount to €190 million. The following year Adrian and Gillian Bayford won that exact amount to become the biggest Euromillions winners ever. This means that, of the top five Euromillions winners, two of the top spots have gone to UK players! So if you’ve got that lucky feeling it’s good to know there’s already a precedent.

The number of people who play Euromillions is growing all the time. Originally, when the lottery launched in 2004, it was just the UK, France and Spain, then, just a few months later, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal joined in the fun. The following year the lottery saw its first ever high profile win when an Irish woman called Dolores McNamara won a staggering €115 million. Then working part time as a cleaner, the financially-struggling mother of six became a multimillionaire overnight and an instant celebrity all across the continent. After her story was told on newspapers and TV all over Europe it wasn’t long before millions more people were clamouring to play Euromillions.

Other smaller nations and territories joined the lottery later still, including the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Monaco. Of course you might be wondering why somebody from a country like Monaco, famous for its Grand Prix, glamourous casinos and super yachts, would need to play Euromillions but even the rich and famous can’t resist its allure. (Apparently celebs like Madonna like to play the lottery for fun and then donate any winnings to charity.)

Of courss you, too, can become one of the glitterati and could well find yourself rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on the Rivera, all it takes is a Euromillions ticket and the luck to pick seven winning numbers.

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