How FIFA Betting is Going to Be Big for eSports

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If you already play the casino sites, and enjoy watching a good game of football, you can actually combine your hobbies all into one. Not only can you watch your favourite World Cup game contenders online, but you can also place a bet on the winner for that additional element of fun.

Watching the games from an online betting site is ideal for people who don’t have cable or television service. All that’s needed is an internet or WiFi connection.

But before you toss your bids just anywhere, read our short guide on how to bet on FIFA online, how to keep your credit card info safe, and not lose your shirt.

What’s Online FIFA Betting?

Online FIFA betting is one part of eSports. eSports basically means electronic sports. You can watch the games live stream online, and place your bets at the same time. Fans will play eSports, such as FIFA games, in order to win small prizes, or large prize pools.

There are plenty of online betting sites, with many set up to handle the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 games. These sites should be endorsed by FIFA, in order to protect fans and your financial information.

FIFA is a world-governing body or football association that overseas the games once every four years. While many other types of sports cups may frown upon betting during their games, FIFA does endorse this additional element of fun for the games.

But there are some rules. For instance, no one involved in FIFA, or the players themselves, can participate in online betting, as it’s seen as having unfair advantage. Also, there can be a potential for bribery, so when players have no stakes in the games, the games can be enjoyed by fans, knowing there are strict regulations in place.

The final pot can be influenced by how many people place their bets. Unlike American fantasy football, the FIFA eSports are based on actual live games.

When you bet on legitimate online betting sites, you can be assured that if you’ve chosen the winner, that your winnings will be paid out in a timely manner.

Where Can I Bet?

There are many honest sites, but one of them is called EASports. This company has been around since 1993. They’re officially licensed by FIFA. They own one of the most popular video game franchises in the world today. There are also online betting sites, such as Mr. Green, Tipbet, and Betfaiar that have a good reputation in the industry.

You may also have local betting companies, or choose to play with friends.

What Can I Bet?

Many people may be hesitant in betting real cash, particularly when they’re learning about online betting for the FIFA World Cup games. There are many sites where you can simply play for free with virtual money. Of course you can’t win any real money, it’s virtual cash.

There are also sites where you can place your bets for virtual items. These items can be used as currency to bet on esports betting sites. They include virtual cash or accessories. Players may collect some of these virtual items for their collection.

Some people are willing and able to bet real cash. Some of the stakes can be quite high. But it can also be a fast way to lose $3000 in only a short time span, so it’s important to gamble responsibly.

How Can I Bet on FIFA Games?

You have many options. You can try some of the online gaming sites, online betting sites, or simple placing bets with friends. If you frequent a pub or bar that’s broadcasting the games, the venue may offer bets too. It’s important to be careful and not place bets with anyone you don’t know, as they could simply run off with the money, even if you’ve guessed the winner.

Higher Stakes for the Finalist

While some bets will be placed on the opening match, and other matches ahead, the biggest pot will be for whomever chooses the final World Cup winner. This pot may even grow bigger, as interest grows, and people think that they can pick the winner.

Place Your Bets Now

If you have a bit of spare cash left over from your last paycheque, head online to your favourite betting site to place your bets. Many players choose to place bets on different sites, and not necessarily for the same winner. When you watch the World Cup games, starting on June 15, 2018, it’s going to be even more exciting when you have a financial stake in the games!

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