Which Football World Cup Team Has Lost the Most Penalties & Who HasWon the Most Penalties?

Football World Cup Penalties

If you’re preparing for the big World Cup games ahead then you may be interested in learning more about some of the World Cup statistics. Some teams are excellent at taking penalty shots, while other teams fizzle out when they’re in the spotlight.

A penalty shoot-out can be frustrating for many football fans. An entire game seems to have been played to waste when it results in a draw, and now a shoot-out will need to be played to determine who is the ultimate winner. After a tie or a draw, a penalty shoot-out will determine which team advances to the next level, or who actually wins the championship and the Cup.

During a shoot-out, each team gets to have a turn. They get to take a specified number of shots from the penalty mark on the field, to aim at the goal. In FIFA, it’s 5. Each team is allowed to have their usual goalkeeper, but no players on defense.

Whichever team makes the most successful kicks is declared the winner of the game. The goals that are made during this time do not count towards the total number of goals that were scored during normal game play, nor are they recorded in this total number. There also needs to be different players for each kick.

We don’t have room to cover all the possible Finalists at the World Cup this July, but here are a few of the ones on top, and a couple on the bottom.

Germany Earns the Most Won Penalty Shots

Germany’s World Cup team is the one who has won the most penalty shots. This is not a surprise as they have a world-class team, and they had an awesome shoot-out victory at Euro 2016 that put them in the semi-finals, though they didn’t get past that. In fact, they’ve won the most shootouts in 1982, 1986, 1990, and 2006. They haven’t done as well since then, but they do still hold the overall record.

Germany’s winning percentage is at 86%. Perhaps their best shoot-out result was in the 1990 World Cup semi-finals against England 4 to 3. Their worst result was a loss of 5 to 3 when they played Czechoslovakia in the 1976 European Championship final. Perhaps they’ll maintain their standing in the 2018 World Cup.

Argentina and Brazil Next with Penalty Wins

While Argentina also matches Germany for penalty wins, it took them five plays to earn 4 wins, whereas Germany had 4 plays for 4 wins. They had two in 1990, one in 1998, and one in 2014. Brazil is naturally on the list, with 4 played and 3 won in 1994, 1998, and 2014.

Who’s Lost the Most Penalties?

In a country well-known for its world-class football players, England is embarrassingly at the top of the list. They have lost the most penalties, with a total of 3 in 1990, 1994, and 1998. England’s total win percentage at penalty shots is just 14% in shoot-outs. It’s a good thing they have strength in other aspects of the game. Their best shoot-out result has been at 4 to 2 against Spain in the Euro 96 quarter-finals. Their worst result was during the 1990 World Cup semi-finals against West Germany, and losing the game at a 4 to 3 score.

Italy is also surprisingly on this list with 3 lost in 1990, 1994, and 1998. But they have a stronger winning percentage, at 33.33% in shootouts. Their best shoot-out result has been 5 to 3 with a win against France in the 2006 World Cup final. Their worst overall result was at the 1994 World Cup final with a loss of 3 to 2 against Brazil.

Who Will Have the Most Penalties & Wins in 2018?

If you’re planning on doing some betting for the games ahead it can help to understand the statistics and know which country has strengths in shootouts, and which ones fizzle. It can seem like there is a lot that can influence the game, from venues in Russia, to current player lineup, and even which country each team is playing against.

Carefully consider who you think is going to do the best, and who is going to do the worst, and record them in your notebook. This adds an additional element of fun to watching the game.

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