Gambling Superstitions That You Need to Know

popular gambling superstitions

Around the World Gambling Superstitions You Need to Know

One of the most extensive industries that surround superstitions is gambling. This applies to both land and online-based casinos, with punters have various superstitious beliefs surroundings their wagering gameplay. Below we have reviewed 15+ gambling-related popular gambling superstitions from across the globe. A good portion of these superstitions you will never have heard of and are considered uncommon for most punters. Read onwards to determine if these superstitions follow suit with your gameplay style.

1. Wearing Red

This has become one of the most popular gambling superstitions in Asian and European communities, with red being considered a lucky colour. It stands for prosperity amongst the Chinese people, which sees the colour used extensively across Macau. When it applies to punters, they’ll wear everything from red shoes to red underwear. This extends to red trousers, which makes them believe that they’re increasing the winning potential. It should be noted that Chinese Casinos will even operate “Red Gambling Rooms” for VIP punters.

2. The Main Entrance

There are plenty of individuals that belief walking through the main entrance of a casino can prosper lousy luck. This belief began around the MGM Grand Casino, who would force their guests to walk through the Jaw & Mouth of a lion. It became incredibly intimidating to visitors and quickly became considered a bad omen. The infamous nature of this bad luck became so bad that Vegas Travelers refused to enter the MGM Grand Casino through their main entrance. MGM eventually would change the primary access, with some still using side doors just in case the curse looms.

3. Don’t Cross Your Legs

It’s believed that crossing your legs in Asian Casinos is considered bad luck. That’s because crossing your legs is a sign of respect within homes and places of worship. The same action shouldn’t be committed to a location that surrounds gambling. However, the Chinese people have a way of avoiding this sign of disrespect. They’ll instead cross their fingers, which has become famous globally.

4. Don’t Count Cash

One of the massive superstitions relating to gambling is counting cash. It’s considered unprofessional, rude and horrendous luck to count your money while playing a casino game. Individual dealers will kick players from the table for committing this unethical behaviour.

5. Looking & Leaving

This superstition is considered uncommon, with most punters unaware of these conditions. It’s believed that looking away from the table or leaving it entirely will create winning combinations. There’s a flip side to that coin, with other punters refusing to look away from the table or leave their seat. It comes down to preference and beliefs.

6. Superstition Numbers

There are countless superstitious numbers, with that selective digit dependent on the player. However, none are considered unluckier than seven or thirteen. When looking at the number thirteen in Western Culture, it’s considered so unlucky that countless buildings in America and Canada don’t have the 13th floor. Others found this to be the luckiest of numbers, with the Last Supper having thirteen members attending. The games most affected by the number thirteen include Roulette and Blackjack. Depending on where you’re playing, this digit could be beneficial or harmful. When it applies to seven, this number is considered a figure of prosperity and wealth primarily. The only game that considers it unlucky in Craps and Video Slots.

7. The Fifty

One of the most prominent superstitions in the United States of America is not accepting won funds with $50.00 bills. It’s other refused by millions of punters across North America, believing its bad luck and will make all their future bets turn into failures. This superstition has been active since the 1930s when mobsters ruled over Las Vegas. It eventually transpired across the entirety of North America. This term can also be referred to as “The Frog”.

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8. Popular Gambling Superstitions

When looking at the overall percentage of gambling superstitions, most are considered bad luck. The most notable notions across land-player casinos include lending money to other punters, playing on a newly built table, touching the shoulders of other players, turning in your chair and whistling during a mid-bet. We listed the most popular gambling superstitions above, with us now listing the most uncommon and rare down below.

9. Seven – The Bad Luck Number

We mentioned above that seven is considered a top-tier number for prosperity and high payouts. That isn’t the case in every betting nation though, with Australia finding this number taboo across their casinos. It’s forbidden to say “Seven” out loud near anybody playing Craps. We also mentioned above that Seven was considered horrible throughout Craps, with this originally coming from the Australian outback. Though it should be noted that gaming mathematic analysts often debunk number-based superstitions.

10. Chinese Ghosts

The Americans with their beliefs surrounding gangsters from the 1930s aren’t remotely ridiculous in comparison to the Chinese. These Chinese punters feed sugar to baby ghosts at casinos across their nation, often in Macau. They believe that doing this will allow for one of these babies to follow you and win some of the biggest payouts ever. Most Western and European punters that hear of this concept consider it beyond superstitious.

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11. The Lucky Number Four

Most cultures across our planet consider thirteen the most unfavourable number. When it applies to the Japanese culture, it’s entirely different from the number four being most unfavourable. Citizens across Japan refuse to have homes under the number four, which extends to buildings often not having the 4th floor. This superstition originates from Japanese hospitals, with the morgue always listed on the 4th floor.

12. Pregnant Equals Lucky

Individuals that wager across the Philippines are known for rubbing the pregnant bellies of the woman before travelling to their casino. It’s considered the highest honour for garnering luck, with the newfound innocence of a baby found beneficial for your soul. Driving away any bad energies at the casino could create big wins for these Philippine believers.

13. The Flannel Mojo Bag

Voodoo Practices, it’s one of the most ancient artforms still used today across the United States of America. One of the most prominent states for betting is Louisiana, who believe in the Mojo Bag Superstition. This dates back to the 19th century, where you’d combine herbs and lucky objects into a flannel bag. The result would be incredible luck throughout each respective bet. It’s a superstition still used in Louisiana and New Orleans today.

14. Hiding the Lottery Tickets

The final popular gambling superstitions surrounds the Malta people, with an incredibly different belief that purchasing lottery tickets or playing bingo is taboo. It’s not perceived as genuine gambling by the Maltese Citizens, with them considering table games to be the standard way of betting. That includes blackjack, craps, poker and roulette. Since lottery tickets are considered taboo, the Maltese people often hide their cards to avoid being caught. Getting caught, it found immediate lousy luck for the lottery ticket.

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15. The Right/Left-Hand Itch

When it applies to European nations like Serbia and Bulgaria, it’s believed that an itchy hand can be detrimental. They think that whenever your right hand becomes itchy, you’ll soon be giving away money to the casino. It means avoiding the casino on all sides. This extends to both sides for the Serbian people, with Bulgarians believe it applies only to the right side.

16. Make Sure to Have Fun

Use this guide to determine what superstitious actions need to be committed worldwide. With our review, it doesn’t matter if you’re located in North America, Europe or Asia. Even if you don’t believe in these superstitions, it doesn’t hurt to follow them and increase your chances at winning. There’s the chance that a Rabbits Foot or a Specialized Number could be the lucky thing that pushed you forward. Ultimately though, it should be noted that all the good luck and bad luck in the world doesn’t influence the payout percentages listed with a land-based or online casino.

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