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League of Legends Betting Sites in the UK

League of Legends is the most popular eSports for online betting in the UK. The League of Legends Championships Series (LCS), League of Legends World Championships and LoL All Star tournaments are huge global events attracting massive audiences and huge betting turnover. If you’d like to try League of Legends betting in the UK you can select one of our favoured partners below.

You can bet on the outright winner of a tournament or match, as well as singular events during a match.

eSports for UK Players

Choose from the best League of Legends betting offers available at UK betting sites. We have found the UK's best eSports betting sites for you. Bet here on the outcome of LoL tournaments worldwide!

eSports is one of the fastest growing phenomenon's in online betting, and you can be a part of it by signing up to one of these sites today.

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League of Legends Betting Sites

There are hundreds of sports betting sites in the UK, but not all of them accept eSports betting at this time. The Offersville guide will help you to choose the best sites that allow betting on League of Legends. The most important consideration if you are resident in the UK is that the site you bet with has a UK Gambling Commission license. This is important because it means that you are protected as a consumer and you have recourse to a third party should you have a complaint to make.

Of course, you should also look at for other important features like the welcome bonus (and whether it is valid for bets on eSports), the cashier options (including minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals), customer services, and other popular markets.

Our recommended sites are: Betway, GGBet, Bespawn and 888 Sport.

How To Bet on League of Legends

There are several ways in which you can enjoy betting on LofL at your favourite League of Legends Betting site in the UK.

You can bet on the outright winner of a tournament. This is like betting on the outcome of any sporting event between two teams. Often the odds will be very short on one favourite, so the winnings may be small. However, there is always the outside chance of the non-favourite taking the spoils.

eSports betting sites also take bets on in-game events, or game achievements. This might typically be ‘First Blood’ (the first kill of any team and seen as a key moment in the match) or ‘Baron Nashor’ (a powerful neutral monster whose slaying grants big bonus powers to the team who kills him). These bets can add another level of excitement to watching a LoL match.

What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game available for Mac and PC users. The game was designed, developed and published by Riot Games. The user controls a ‘champion’ within the game that battles against other champions, either controlled by another user or computer-simulated.

Champions compete in teams with the combined aim of destroying the other teams operations base, or Nexus. During a game each champion can grow in strength by picking up tools, items and experiences.

The most common battle mode for LoL is Summoners Rift (5×5)- a reference to the map used in the game – which is used for almost all tournament matches. In simple terms one team of 5 must try to overcome the other team of 5 by destroying their Nexus. During the process each Champion will destroy other teams’ minions and champions, picking up gold and experience along the way.

The gold pieces you collect will allow you to pick up additional items for your Champion, which enables you to ‘level-up’ (up to 18 times).

Usually a match will last around 45 minutes.

The game was first released in 2009, and has since become the most played PC game in North America and Europe. In January 2014 67 million people played League of Legends per month, 27 million per day and 7.5 million concurrently watched during peak hours of gameplay.

The growth of the competitive LoL scene in recent years has fed the boom in eSports betting in the UK.

Where Can You Watch League of Legends

Watching LofL live can be an amazing experience. The 2LoL Worlds 2017 Grand Final takes place at China’s Bird’s Nest National Stadium. If you’re not lucky enough to get to watch it you can view a lof the action on the Rift website, or on Twitch.

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