How Many Different Countries Have Played in the World Cup & Who Has Played the Most?

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Learning more about the World Cup ahead will assist you with betting against friends, or even placing professional bets to win real cash. When there is more at stake than simply your country winning the game, it makes the game more fun to watch. You’ll also better enjoy the entire series of games, rather than simply that big final at the end.

Are you curious as to how many different countries have played in the World Cup in the history of the tournament, from 1930 to 2018? Perhaps you’re curious about which country has played the most? Please read on to learn some interesting facts on the history of the World Cup. Many fans of the game like to read up on the history of the World Cup. It adds to the enjoyment of the game when you know the history of each country, the names of the players, and what their odds for winning the game may be.

You may even use this statistics to predict who the final winner will be in July 2018.

Debut Years

The first World Cup games were played in the year 1930. Surprisingly, they had 13 debut teams. These included Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, USA, Uruguay, and Yugoslavia. The games were such a great success that in the following game year, 1934, another 10 teams jumped onboard.

The Soviet Union got onboard in 1958, and England in 1950. England was actually the only country to join in 1950. South Africa joined in 1988, and Slovakia in 2010. This year, Iceland and Panama will be making their World Cup Debut. Qatar was late to the game, but they’ll be in the qualifiers for 2022.

There have been a total of 79 different countries playing in the World Cup to date, covering years from 1930 to 2018. Since it’s not yet known if Qatar will qualify, we won’t add them just yet.

1930 was the year with most teams joining, at 13, and 1934, at 10. The following years have involved a slow trickling pace, with only one or two countries siging up. Perhaps 2006 experienced the next wave of support, with other countries from Africa joining in the fun: Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Trinidad, Tobago, and the Ukraine in Europe.

Which Countries Have Played the Most?

Since there are a potential 79 or 80 countries who want to participate in World Cup, the committee does a draw of all who qualify. This is the fairest system, as the game is only played over a few weeks every four years—no matter what Italy has to say on that this year!

The next statistic you’ll be eager to learn about is for which countries have played the most games for World Cup in its entire history?

Brazil wins it again. They have made 21 different World Cup appearances over the years. They first debuted in 1930, and are also playing in 2018. They have also been the champions for five times.

Germany has made 19 appearances in its lifetime. It debuted in 1934 and will be playing their most recent game in 2018.

Italy is next in line. They have had 18 appearances and debuted in 1934. Sadly, they didn’t win the lottery for World Cup 2018, so the last game they played was in 2014. Better luck for them in 2022!

There are a large number of countries who have only played FIFA one time, and that includes UAE, Jamaica, Canada, Wales, Israel, and Cuba, for a total of 21 different countries. Some countries you’d think would have been in the running recently haven’t. For instance, the only time Canada and Iraq were in the World Cup was in 1986.

Are World Cup Stats Predictive?

Perhaps you’re seeing a pattern forming here. But interestingly, these three countries—Brazil, Germany, and Italy—are also some of the top World Cup performers in the history of the World Cup. Is it because they have the most experience in the history of the game? Even though players and coaches move around and retire, and even the venues change, it can be interesting to see patterns forming.

Who do you think will win the World Cup championship in June to July 2018? Will it be one of the countries at the top of the list, or will newcomers, Iceland or Panama, shock us all with a sudden win?

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