Who Are Your Rooting for at World Cup 2018?

Rooting for at World Cup 2018

The big World Cup 2018 event is coming up fast. If you’re from one of the 179 countries in the world who didn’t qualify for the games, then you’re going to have to choose who’ll you’ll be cheering for instead.

Russia is the hosting country. Will you be rooting for them? The UK? Uruguay? Saudi Arabia? Lots of fans would root for Italy but they didn’t qualify this time. If you’re still not certain, our short guide may give you a bit of insight into the upcoming games.

About FIFA’s Members

There are 211 members in FIFA, or, various “countries” or “teams” from around the world. It can be tricky calculating number of countries in the world, as some are considered sovereign states and United Nations observer countries. Not everyone can agree on the proper definition of a country, but technically, it’s 195 if we include these two types. Now you may wonder how there are 211 members in FIFA. This is because they also include 23 non-sovereign entities as distinct nations.

For instance, the UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. There are also countries, such as Palestine, that have disputed territories but can be separate for their FIFA membership.

Of the 211 members, only 32 are off to Russia this year. Even the top five most populated countries in the world today won’t be in the games. These include the USA, China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

You can now see that there are millions of people around the globe who now have to choose alternate teams to cheer for.

Countries New to FIFA

One simple choice may be to simply root for the new guy. This year, two countries are making their debut in the World Cup, Panama and Iceland. These countries are on opposite ends of the globe, and also have vastly differing climates and environments. Iceland has no forests, while Panama has one right within its capital. And their temperatures are at the opposite end of the thermometer too. It’s unlikely that people in Panama have ever seen ice. Perhaps you’ll want to cheer on one of these new countries at the games. It’s unlikely they have the experience to actually win that big Cup, but you never know! And you can always support them at the beginning before they get eliminated.

Possible Other Choices

Almost any team who’s qualified for World Cup 2018 is going to be good. Brazil, Egypt, or Senegal may be good choices. Peru hasn’t been in the World Cup since 1930, so they may be a good choice if you want to cheer for someone who hasn’t been able to participate in a lot of games in the past.

Choosing the Winners

You can always opt to cheer for the successful World Cup and other football cup winners of the past. Brazil, Spain, Germany, and England may be all good choices. Next to Brazil, Germany has won an impressive four cups in the past.

Who You’re Cheering Against

The USA is out, so you can’t cheer against them. North Korea didn’t win the draw and South Korea isn’t the same as North Korea. Take a look at the first set of matches ahead.

If you’re not certain who your preferences are, see if there are any countries that you still want to cheer against. Northern Ireland fans may still be mad at Switzerland. Perhaps you’re tired of Brazil winning a total of not only five World Cups in the past, but also qualifying for every single World Cup event—sounds suspiciously fixed but we suppose someone has to be the best team?

Choices Based on Skills, Politics or?

You may be making your picks based on the skills of the teammates, or perhaps due to political or economic reasons. Many countries may have some human rights violations, so that can be a good reason for rooting against them.

Some fans may not even be rooting for their resident countries. Perhaps they’ll be cheering for their homeland instead.

Fans may also be cheering for different countries in each match, before finally choosing their favourite contender for the finals in July, 2018.

Who Will Be Your Team for World Cup 2018?

There are many contenders in the games ahead. No matter who you choose to cheer on this year, it’s going to a be a long and exciting month ahead. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, you still have a few more weeks left.

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