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NetEnt may be the kings of the online slot right now, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t produce a pretty smart table game as well. This is their take on the popular casino game. It’s called Blackjack Classic. And just to keep things interesting they have added in a nice little side bet called Double Jacks which pays out a maximum of 100x your stake.

More About Blackjack Classic

The gameplay in NetEnt’s Blackjack Classic is smooth, the card dealing is clean and quick (and you have the option to speed it up or slow it down as you wish). The table felt is a nice dark, charcoal grey, with 3 betting positons on it, each with the Double Jack’s side bet at the top left of the box.

During the game you will be serenaded by a lilting piano jazz riff which may well drive you to distraction. Or perhaps hypnotize you into increase your bet with every hand. Who knows?! NOTE: there is an option to turn the music off under settings!

So, the basics rules of the tables are here: Dealer must stand on 17, and draw on anything less; insurance pays out 2:1; Blackjack pays out 3:2; if both dealer and player get a 21 hand, then the players’ bet is returned; the player has the option to split if they have two cards of the same value, including Aces, but “hitting” on split aces is not allowed. In this version of the game, 4 decks are in use.

So, what of the Double Jacks side bet then? Many games online have introduced the side bet to enhance the experience for the player. This from NetEnt is one we particularly enjoy. Not least because of the potential 100x payout for the best hand.

Here’s how it works:

The maximum side bet on Double Jacks is the equal of the player’s bet on the normal hand in play. You win if the 1st card dealt in your regular hand is a Jack or if the 1st two cards dealt are a pair of Jacks. You lose if the 1st card dealt in your regular hand is not a jack. The Double Jacks bet is settled before the regular hand is played.

The pay table is as follows:

2 x Jack of Spades: 100x your stake
2 x Jacks of any suit: 25 x your stake
1 x Jack of any suit: 10 x your stake

The Double Jack’s side bet pays out irrespective of the dealer’s hand in the regular game.

The minimum bet on this games is £1, and the maximum bet is £40.

The Return to Player on the normal Blackjack hand is 99.53% (House Edge: 0.47%)

The Return to Player on the Double Jacks side bet is 95.07% (House Edge: 4.93%)

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