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Game Highlights

  • Side bet pays up to 100x
  • Bet £1 to £100 per hand
  • Blackjack pays 3:2
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Blackjack Pro is a variation of the standard game of Blackjack but it is played with 4 decks of cards. In NetEnt’s version you can place a sneaky side bet and have the chance to win 100x your bet with Jacks or Spades. That is the only exceptional payout in the game, with all other hands paying out standard.

How To Play

Of course the object of Blackjack Pro is to get your cards to add up as close to 21 as possible without going over (or busting). Your hand value must be closer to 21 than the dealers for you to win the hand. And when you hit the side bet you also get a payout as well.

First of all you must place your bet – you do this by choosing a chip denomination and then placing the chips on the green. You can choose anywhere from a minimum to a maximum bet. The min for the side bet is £1. You must choose all of these before the hand is dealt.

So, the game starts and both dealer and player begin with 2 card in their hand. Players are both face up, the dealer’s will be one face up and one face down. Player then decides whether to hit or stand. You can also double your bets at this point.

The other option should you have pairs is to split them. Should you hit Blackjack (21) then you will receive the maximum 3:2 payout. If both the player and the dealer have Blackjack then the player will get back their Ante.

Dealer’s Actions

The dealer will stand when he lands 17 or higher – this is standard in most online blackjack games. Obviusley, is the dealer’s hand is 16 or lower they will have to take a card.

Side Bet Payout

To win the Side Bet you must score 2x Jacks of Spades. This is a very rare occurrence with a four deck card so the payout is high – 100x the bet. Any 2 jacks will also pay out, but only 25x the bet. Those who land their first card as a jack will get a 10x payout.

How To Win

There are three ways to win:

– Get Blackjack with the initial 2 cards dealt.

– Beat the value of the dealers hand without busting.

– Win on your side bet by landing the required Jack or sequence of Jacks.

More Rules of NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro

The game is played with 4 decks and cards are reshuffled after each hand. The Blackjack hand is always paid out 3:2 immediately.

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