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The biggest draws in many casinos are the online slot games, or video slots as they are sometimes known. These hugely popular games with their spectacular graphics and storylines have become increasingly sophisticated over the years.

If you’re a fan of big name titles like Starburst Slots, Mega Moolah, Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra, or any of the other thousands of games on the market, then this is a good place to start looking for your next online slot games adventure. We've got reviews of slots from the biggest names as well as newcomers like Thunderkick Games. You can browse this list and choose one to play right now, or click through to our reviews to find out more information on each game. Or if you'd like to try out the latest new slot games in 2020 read our up to date listings.

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Play Slots Games

It’s fun to play slots games and often very rewarding too! In fact, of all the types of casino games out there, they’re easiest to get to grips with, making them ideal for new players. There’s no complex rules to learn, like with card or table games, no guesswork required to tell what’s going on, everything is always very clear and self-explanatory and, with just a single spin, you’re off!

So, what are slot games? What are the different kinds of slot games? How do you play them? Where are the best online casino sites to play them at and, most importantly, how much can you win? Read on to learn all of this and more!

The best places to play slot games

So, where should you go? Well, we’ve listed all the best places to play slots games on this site, and we’re always on the lookout for new brands featuring great new offers and games. Plus, we’re also keeping a special eye out for all those juicy free spin offers, so you can try new games out and maybe even win a little something for free!

What are slot games?

Slot games are games based on original mechanical gaming machines popular in casinos throughout the world for over a century. Their name comes from the fact that you must first put some money in the slot in order to crank the handle and spin the reels.

As with many of the best table and card games, including poker and blackjack, slot games are actually a product of the Old West. (Which also explains the old American nickname, the one-armed bandit.)

The first slot machine was invented by a man called Charles Fey, in 1899. It was called the Liberty Bell, and, despite its age, would be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever seen a slot game before.

It consisted of three spinning reels each with five distinct symbols – get three in a row and you win!

The symbols we most associate with slot games, such as bars, cherries, lemons, and simliar fruit images, came later.

You probably know that it’s from these early games we get the term, “fruit machine”, but did you know they actually used to pay out in little sweets instead of cash? Get three cherries in a row and you’d get some cherry flavoured gum. This was an attempt by machine manufacturers to side-step US gambling laws, though ultimately an unsuccessful one.

In states where gambling was permitted, most famously Nevada, slot machines quicky evolved and thrived, going from mechanical to electrical, and eventually digital, yet in many cases retaining that classic “fruit” imagery.

As the internet became faster and more affordable, meanwhile, the world of slots went online, bringing even more exciting and varied gameplay, and more ways to win big than ever before!

How to play slots games

It’s easy to learn how to play slots games. It’s really as simple as placing a bet and clicking Spin.

That said, we always urge you to check out the demo versions so you can get a feel for the game first, before you start playing for cash. Every game is slightly different, so knowing in advance you can better adapt your playing style.

The basic type is your three reel variety. Based on the old mechanical slots this is known as a classic, or pub, slot (but is also sometimes referred to as a “fruit machine”.) This type of slot might also have just a single payline – match three symbols in the centre row to win. In terms of symbols, they’re the classic symbols with bars, cherries, 7s, lemons, other types of fruit, and so on.

Next you have multi payline slots. The most basic being a pub slot but one with three winnable paylines top, centre and bottom.

From there we go to 5×3 slots, three reels but five symbols wide, and a variety of different combinations.

The more reels, columns and different symbols available, of course, the more ground there is to cover, but there’s also more variety. So you get potentially bigger wins (for more improbable combinations) as well as more ways to win (more different combo types.)

Many of the most popular slots also give you multiple paylines, not just horizontal rows but also snazzy zig zag patterns – if you look at each game’s help file you can find out exactly how many different ways to win there are. There’s no shortage of great slots offering you litterally thousands of ways to win!

To add even more excitement into the procedure, you have special Wild symbols (which can automatically change into another symbol to create a winning combo) and Scatter symbols, which can trigger bonus rounds or impact the gameplay in unpredictable but lucrative ways.

Of course now, in this day and age, what with Playstations and Xboxes and so on, slot game developers aren’t just competing on gameplay options and ways to win, they also have to bring the wow factor too.

Which is why you’ll also see lots of jaw-dropping graphics, live sound and a whole range of bonus games and features, including cinematic cut-scenes and/or battle sequences. This is particularly true of branded slots, for example those based on popular action movies or comic book heroes.

These types of games are always popular, but surely the most popular type of slot is what’s known as a progressive slot. Unlike regular slot games, where all the various amounts you can win are set in advance, progressive slots have not set top prize. Instead there’s a special jackpot based on how much has been paid into it.

So, you could have millions of players all over the world playing the same game and paying into it. Then, if you manage to get the right combo and hit the jackpot – Boom! All that money is yours!

Not surprisingly, sites love to brag about their progressive jackpots and often feature them prominently – keep an eye out for little scrolling tickets listing winners and see how much they won. With progressive slots six-figure jackpots are not unheard of!

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