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Us megaMillions

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42537466715 x3

US Megamillions

Good news! It's now possible to play US Megamillions, one of the biggest and most exciting lotteries on the planet, from the UK, or anywhere else in Europe. After all, why should the Americans enjoy all the fun? America's excessively large lottery jackpots are legendary, and world famous Megamillions is no exception. It's made headlines multiple times, enjoyed jackpots which have surpassed half a billion dollars on no less than three occasions, and has even held the record for biggest lottery jackpot of all time for a total of four years in a row!

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Play Megamillions Lottery

How To Play US Megamillions

Not only is it now possibile to play US Megamillions from the UK and elsewhere in Europe, learning how to play US Megamillions is quite easy too!

If you already know how to play Euromillions then you shouldn’t have much trouble getting to grips with it’s bigger American cousin. In fact, Euromillions was actually modelled on Megamillions, and its other American rival, US Powerball.

The European lottery chiefs had grown sick and tired of looking wearily across the Atlantic wishing they could offer the same size jackpots to their players and decided it was time to do something about it. So they copied, no, let’s say adapted, it sounds better, the format and called it Euromillions.

But even then, with the current combined forces of fourteen European countries and territories, the jackpots will never match the scale of US Megamillions.

The basic rules to play US Megamillions are pretty similar; you have regular numbers, but in this case just one special number, known as a Megaball. To play you pick five regular numbers from a range of one to 75 plus your Megaball from a range of one to 15.

Draws take place in Atlanta, Georgia every Tuesday and Friday night, or approximately 4am GMT on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Of course that’s only half the story, because US Megamillions also has a special extra game known as the Megaplier. Once the main numbers have been draw the Megaplier number is also picked at random. What this special number does is multiply all wins, other than the jackpot, by anything from 1x to 5x, depending on which Megaplier is drawn.

As you might have already guessed, these prizes are still absolutely massive. After all, a second prize in US Megamillions could well be bigger than the top jackpot on a lottery from over here. And with the Megaplier in full effect then you could well win bigger still. Let’s imagine the second prize is $2 million, but you play with the Megaplier and a 5x is called that draw, well, you’ve just hit a $10 million jackpot! Not bad for second prize eh?

The Megaplier extra costs just $1 in the US, so most online lottery providers tend to just keep the numbers the same, so $1, £1 or €1, which makes it a great value bonus game to play – highly reccommended!

Mega By Name, Mega By Nature

The main reason people play US Megamillions is the jackpots, and they are extremely big jackpots, too, there’s no doubt about it. Big jackpots have been a part of the game’s history since 1996. Back then the lottery was called The Big Game, and, for years, it set record high jackpots before being rebranded as Megamillions in 2002. Currently it enjoys the distinction of having given thirteen out of twenty five of the world’s biggest ever lottery jackpots.

Then, in 2012, it broke all such records, with a jackpot of $648 million. This remained the biggest lottery jackpot of all time, spanning four years, until rival US Powerball beat it in January 2016.

That $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot is now the stuff of legends, though it should be noted, however, that this huge jackpot could never have occurred without a rule change which came in November 2015. That rule change made such enormous wins possible because it dramatically increased the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot, creating ever-higher rollovers.

The US Megamillions jackpot, on the other hand, while still a tough nut to crack, is none the less considerably easier to win when compared to that of its rival. So it just goes to show, once again, that coming in second isn’t always a bad thing.

And if you’re still not convinced, let’s dig further into the odds of US Megamillions, versus it’s rival, Powerball.

It’s sort of the Mac vs PC of lotteries, this. Powerball fans mention its bigger jackpots and the new 10x multipler, versus just 5x on Megamillions. But Megamillions fans are quick to counter, mentioning the lottery’s superior odds. And this isn’t just the jackpot odds, either; Megamillions gives you a one in 15 chance of winning a prize, which is much better than the 55:1 odds provided by US Powerball.

In fact, it’s worth noting that, even in America, where it’s all about being biggest and best, both lotteries are fairly even in terms of players (and indeed many players Stateside tend to play both equally). There are some very compelling reasons why people play US Megamillions. Firstly, because of its superior odds, but also for the fact that it once held the title for the world’s biggest jackpot and, while it doesn’t hold that title today, there’s every chance it could win it again tomorrow.

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