What Makes a Good Football Betting Site

What Makes a Good Football Betting Site

Many fans of football also enjoy placing bets on their favourite teams. Not only do you get more enjoyment out of the game but you can also earn yourself some nice winnings. But it’s important to only use a good football betting site so you can be assured that not only will your financial information be kept secure, but that you’ll get your big payout if you win!

Here are a few features to look for before you choose the best football betting site.

Check the Odds

There are many football betting sites, including Betfair, Matchbook, Unibet, and Betsson. The highest payout right now seems to be 1xbet with a 98.7% payout, but Marathonbet has a nice 95.5% payout.

Many people only deal with the higher odds, but it can also involve higher stakes too. But there are other things to consider. Check the commission percentage. If it’s lower, that means that the bookie will have higher odds than you. There may be 0% rake events which means that there is 0% commission. There may also be enhanced odds offers that could raise your payout.

Obviously you want to work with the sites that have the really high odds.

Check Regulations & Licenses

It shouldn’t need to be said, but ensure that you’re placing your bets on government regulated sites. The last thing you need is to place your bets on a scam site, only to have them shut down the day after FIFA, when you were supposed to get your payout! Check who the regulating authority is too. In the UK it’s the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They have strict but fair licensing regulations. You can expect a high level of trust from betting sites that are licensed by the UKGC.

Malta Gaming Association and Gibraltar Licensing Authority are also two other good regulatory authorities you can trust.

How Fast Is Withdrawal?

If you do win a bet, you need to know that you can immediately withdraw your money. You don’t want to have to wait two weeks for it to clear. The sooner you can withdraw your money, the sooner you’ll feel happy and confident that you have found a good football betting site. And chances are that you want to buy a few drinks for your buddies at the pub after the game.

Bet Limits

Find out if there are any limits on bets. You should have a number in mind that you can easily work with. If it’s something ridiculous, then move on.

Live Streaming

When you’re placing your bets you may also want a spot where you can watch your matches. Often many people don’t get the channels where the FA Cup, FIFA, or other football matches are held. While a pub can be a fun place to watch the game, you don’t want to miss out on any important goals. Some sites allow you to watch live streaming of the match, so you can be assured that your favourite team has just won, or not.

Check Bonus Offers

Many sites will attract new members special welcome bonus offers. You may even have to provide an email address so that they can send the bonus offers to your email account. This can give you a chance to accumulate offers and decide on the best one. Other betting sites may offer a loyalty program. You’ll have to decide which is more important to you, though there’s nothing stopping you from betting on two or more sites.

Loyalty Programs

There may be a loyalty program on your favourite betting site. Betsson has a good rep in this market as having the best loyalty program for football bets. These loyalty points can accumulate and then be exchanged for rewards and cash prizes. And cash backs are earned quickly, even if you’re at a basic VIP level.

Do a bit of research before signing up on a good football betting site. Ask around to see which sites your friends use. Feedback and online comments are also going to provide the best advice. Read comments as averages, rather than simply only one particular dispute—not every one can be pleased. Also check and see how many years the football betting site has been in business.

Check out each football betting site on your list and if they seem like a good fit for your betting budget, register and get started. Just think about all the fun you’ll have with placing bets and possibly even winning a bit of spare cash!

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