What’s New for eSports in the UK 2018?

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You may enjoy the competitiveness of real casinos but enjoy playing games in the comfort of your home. eSports in the UK 2018 are proving to be a popular way to enjoy your favorite pastime, and earn a bit of spare cash too. But eSports have changed a lot over the years.

eSports are commonly played on mobile devices today. There have already been some great developments in the first few months of 2018. Today, mobile games represent almost 45% of the entire gaming market. An eSports games developer is going to set themselves up for failure if they only focus on console gaming or cloud-based gaming today.

Many online casino games have added eSports types of games to their lineup. Since the games involve a certain low or high risk stakes, it makes sense for them to provide growth and stability to this expanding market.

There have been many exciting trends seen the past few months in eSports and mobile gaming. For one, the rise of AR—Augmented Reality—has been going strong. This trend should continue into the end of the year, as more people realize the benefits of being immersed in a gaming environment involving all your senses, no matter where you are located—at work or at home.

E-Sports involves specific organised events and tournaments online that you can participate in as a spectator or a player. AR can place you in the centre of the action.

AR games are different than VR games. With AR games, they take your actual environment and mold it to your fantasy. With VR games, they involve a fully immersive environment. There are fewer restrictions to environment, so you don’t have to sit in an empty room with blank walls in order to immerse yourself in your favourite sporting event.

As we get into the mid part of 2018, we’re going to see even more advances in this type of technology. For one, the resolution and graphics are going to become more realistic. This is going to be happy news for the gamer. The field of VR is going to become better too, and become more realistic.

Besides devices, there will be advancements in cloud-based gaming on your computer. Sadly, gaming and computers is a vastly neglected market in the past few years, and you can be hard pressed to find PC games at your local shops. Most PC games involve the Cloud now.

It can be great fun to participate in a virtual championship, even if you’re not a professional football player. These e-Sport championships go live around the world and can be as exciting as real-life sports tournaments, particularly if you enjoy gambling.

This aspect of gaming is intensely popular with millennials today. The eSports gaming industry is rapidly growing into a billion dollar industry. It’s possible that eSports may even surpass other types of online gaming and gambling.

Whether you choose to play for virtual or real money, eSports in the UK 2018 will be a valuable market for developers and investors.

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