Will France Lose Their Edge Now They’ve Lost Koscielny?

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Injuries are a part of football, but perhaps they have a higher impact on the big World Cup games which are held only once every four years. If a player becomes injured, chances are they won’t see another World Cup game again. In early May, France confirmed that not only was their top player, Koscielny, injured, but that he wouldn’t be playing in the World Cup 2018 games. Can France lose their edge now that they’ve lost one of their most valuable players?

Who is Laurent Koscielny?

Laurent Koscielny has been a senior player on the France team for many years. He played in the 2014 World Cup for France, and also at the Euro 2016 Cup. Not only is he a talented player, but he has experience with playing on the international matches. He’s been trained and is also used to this higher level of play on the national side.

His greatest strengths are in the elegance of how he plays. He offers astute passing to his team members and has great positional sense. He first played for France against the USA in a 2011 football game. In 51 different appearances he has managed to score at least one goal.

What His Coach Says About Him

The coach for the French team is Didier Deschamps. According to the coach, he feels that losing this senior player will be a big blow to the French team. His coach has said that he’s been an exemplary player for the team, and his performance to date has been appreciated by the team.

How Did Koscielny Get Injured?

Koscielny was playing a game in the Europa League semifinals when he got injured. It was during Arsenal’s defeat of Atletico Madrid when he got a bad ankle injury. He was running the field when he supposedly twisted his foot and fell to the turf. It appears that the main pain was on the back of his ankle. Unfortunately, this happened about ten minutes into the game.

We can only assume that the ankle injury was severe enough to prevent him playing games six weeks in advance, as often minor sprains or twists do heal up in under four.

There was no one near him at the time that may have pushed or tripped him. and it appears to be a stupid injury that sometimes happens for no reason at all.

Who Will Fill His Spot?

It appears that coach Deschamps will choose Raphael Varane from real Madrid, and Samuel Umtiti from Barcelona to cover centre in Russia. Deschamps had already been pondering whether to use Koscielny or Umtiti in starting place, so now the decision has been made.

Adil Rami from Marseille will likely replace his position in the squad. Rami has been instrumental in getting Marseille into the Europe League final. He’s 32-years-old with 33 camps and has been playing regularly for France through the Europe 2016 final.

There has also been talk that Aymeric Laporte from Manchester City, or Kurt Zouma from Stoke from Chelsea could also be candidates to replace Koscielny.

Is France Going to Be Eliminated in Their First Mach?

France still has a solid team, so the loss of one good player may have little overall effect on their game. They’re still gaining a good replacement, even if we’re not entirely clear who it’s going to be yet. The only concern we may have is if France’s team worries endlessly about their loss and allows it to affect the performance of their games in Russia next month. This has certainly been known to happen and it’s not unheard of for a lesser-skilled team to win the Cup.

Will France’s Loss Affect Your Betting?

If you’re betting on the first set of matches, you may be tempted to alter your bets. While France has a good chance at winning the World Cup, as they did win in 1998, their one and only time, many fans may have lost a bit of confidence in their game.

France is part of Group C in the World Cup games, and will be playing Australia for their first match. While they’ve never won a World Cup, they’ve reached the World Cups games five times in the past.

Even with the loss of Laurent Koscielny, France should be able to easily beat Australia and move forward during their first match. This minor change of plans shouldn’t affect your betting or the odds.

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